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> At any rate, Paul and I just scanned it and uploaded it to my website.
> Here's the addresses:
> Full spread picture:

I have not seen 0080 yet, but that sure doesn't appear to be a Gundam from
0080, it looks like the RX-78 done in the GP-01's look. That Gundam IS the
RX-78(isn't it?), but combined with the GP-01. I really like this Gundam.

To me, this appears to be either a new UC Gundam show or a remake of 0079.
What's werid, is this looks like 0079 but has 0080's art style. What I am
trying to say is, this has me confused :), but it appears to be 0079 and 0080
combined together. Could this be a side story during the period of 0079-0080?
The RX-78/GP-01 Gundam combo is what confuses me.



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