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Okay guys, I've got something I've been meaning to show everyone. It
appears to be 'new,' as in not seen before, animation from 0080, found
in the August 1990 (No. 57) edition of B-Club. Looks like it may be
stuff that was cut from the final product. Either that or was
commissioned for this B-Club edition.

At any rate, Paul and I just scanned it and uploaded it to my website.

Here's the addresses:

Full spread picture:

The main image appears to show a MS-06FZ Zaku Kai vs a retconned RX-78-2

Here are close-ups of the boxes on the left:

Here's a good one, Gaus dropping Zaku Kais!

More of Zaku Kais dropping:

Cyclops team look-alikes, except with a blue Zugock-E and brown HyGogs:

A very-old style Gouf. Possible original idea for the Kampfer?

A Rick Dom II on the ground (colony?):

Light green Geelgog Jaeger:

GM Space Commando:

Production Guncannon (intact!):

Okay, so my biggest question is: When and where would the Gau dropping
Zaku Kai sequence have happened? Or was this to be 0080 set on Earth?

Mark, others, was this all talked about nine years ago and I just wasnt

Neil Baumgardner

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