Sat, 13 Nov 1999 15:30:19 EST

> >Well man, it's China, the biggest bootlegger who's stealing billions if
> >not trillions from Microsoft every year. And nobody dares to do anything
> >about them, despite their routine violation of human rights, they still
> >get Most Favored Nation status from the U.S. on an annual basis...
> >
> >Eddie
> I agree with ya 100% but, umm..... bill gates is kinda a bad example...
> got enough money alrady....

    Bill Gate/M$ is very evil(for the lack of a better word)......Windows 98
retailed in China for about 1998 RMB(Exchange rate is 8.5RMB to Dollar....you
do the math) , which is like a month's worth of salary to your average
joe......so why spend a month's salary when you could pick it up for 5-10RMB
pirated...I'm Not avocating pirating software in ANY way, but I really hate
seeing people being ripped off on something like that.

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