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Sat, 13 Nov 1999 14:58:52 EST

>Just saw the first 5 episodes of Gasaraki on VCD. This is basically
>Sunrise's second attempt at out doing Evangelion (after Brain
>Powerd). And this time,
>the folks behind AT Votoms created a even more realistic mecha, and
>then use it
>in a very near future Desert Storm-like war. God, I have no idea
>when this show is actually going to be released by ADV Films, but in
>the meantime, I'll keep looking for it in Chinese sub VCDs.

I finished watching all 25 episodes a little while ago. I personally really
liked it (one of my most favorite series in recent years) The story is
rather confusing and difficult to understand, though. Most of the
background on the mecha and the story was serialized in one of the anime
magazines before the series started, so they assume you have some background
prior to seeing it. I'm now reading them as novels, and they answer a lot
of questions.

I really liked the mecha, too. I thought the design, the movements, and the
way they function were very unique and quite realistic. I even went out and
bought Kadokawa's New Type books. It has a great 3D CG rendition of
Tactical Armor Type 17. They also have 4 story CD's out, the 4th is a
continuation of the series. The other 3 are sort of alternate universe
stories. And manga vol.3 has stories in it that they couldn't include in
the series due to time constraints.

BTW, I also really liked Brain Powerd. I find it very shoujo-like in both
art and story. Starting around ep.10, it becomes very heavy on psychological
drama between the characters. But those pilot suits ("Fluid Suits") - are
really horrendous...I can never get used to them.

I'm looking forward to seeing Turn A, because many of the key staff is the
same as Brain Powerd. In an interview, Tomino stated that Brain Powerd was
practice for Turn A. (Forcefully trying to bring the topic back to Gundam

mirai y

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