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On Sat, 13 Nov 1999, godfatherK wrote:
> i've just completed the special coating version of ms006 zeta gundam...
> and have the rx79gp02fb and rx78-2 special coating to be completed soon...

I just finished constructing the RX78. Do the Zeta and GP02 have the same
coating as RX78?

> should i paint with a silver paint (using airbrush) the whole part to
> cover the scarring?

I think a small paint brush is a better choice in most cases. If you
cover the whole part, that kinda wasted the extra 1000 Yens you pay for
the coating version right? If you are careful brush painting the small
scars is both fast and satisfactory. But if you want a perfect finish,
you are better off buying the regular version, putty all the seams, polish
with sand paper and then spray it silver, and then transparent red, blue
and yellow as appropriate.

> if so, exactly which silver (which company) do i use?

I've tried only 2: Gunze Sangyo aqueous and Testor Enemal. The Testor is
pretty good, but I've not yet tried air brushing the Testor silver. Gunze
aqueous silver is junk. The silver grains are huge and the base is dark.
So the Gunze silver, when dried, is darker than Testor and VERY grainy.

On a related subject, I am also not happy with Gunze Gunmetal (H28), too
grainy. Can anyone suggest an alternative? Testor Steel (enemal) is not
dark enough and looks rusty. I haven't tried Tamiya, Hambolt or other

> what else can i do other than carefully taking the parts off using
> cutters to prevent and then cover such scarring?

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