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> >> Relax..The Turn-X is not a gundam, but supposedly an enemy of Turn-A, I
> think
> >> you missed out the discussion on this the 1st time around...
> >>
> >
> I think everyone is assuming its a gundam because its called turn-X
> - Roger

It seems to me that the title of a Gundam series hints at any possible
mid-series upgrades. An example is "Zeta Gundam". It would proably be
named "Mark-II Gundam" if there wasn't an upgrade. If Turn-X was an
gundam upgrade, the series' title would be Turn-X Gundam instead of
Turn-A Gundam.

Anyway, the December issue of Newtype magazine features Turn-X on the
cover. I haven't read it, but there might be more infomation on Turn-X
in it. Until more information is avaliable, we shouldn't really make
much comments on it.


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