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>I just saw the designs for turn X gundam, the newest
>mobile suit in the turn A series... and it looks ....
>one word: Disgustin!!! we're trailing further and
>further away from the "gundam" we once knew...
>I mean, Syd Mead did another crap job again~ as if
>Turn A wasn't bad enough...
>Turn X in no way resembles a gundam, apart from the
>fact that it has a head, 2 arms and 2 legs... is the
>gundam tradition lost forever?!!! guys this is real
>i may be offending a few ppl who like the new design,
>apologies now, but wouldn't you agree that if Syd Mead
>wanted something new and fresh and different then why
>didn't he start up a new cartoon series instead of
>disappoint old fans of the original gundam!?
>~Vince K
I know it looks horriblr but one thing DOES remind me of a gundam the back
pack looks like Zetas backpack but can't they fire him and hire a new guy in
the middle of the series?

- Roger


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