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>* We also have Anaheim's Gundam Mark III and Augusta's Gundam Mark IV,
>which may not have entered battle and thus remained intact.

Maybe they EVEN weren't actually manufactured and remained in the original
blueprints, as well as all the 'lost' Gundams from MS Encyclopedia and
so forth. :-)

>* The Re-GZ survives the end of Char's Counterattack, minus a few limbs.

Didn't Hathaway blow it up in the end?

>* Zabine's X-2 and Tobia's X-3 are destroyed, but Seabook's Crossbone
>Gundam X-1 survives and is parked on Earth.

In the ending pages of manga, Seabook(yeah, Kinkedu recovered his real
name finally) presented it to Tobia, and you can see the vague picture
of a Gundam-like flying object soaring toward the space. It is possible
that Tobia flew it outside the earth again, to return to his own hometown
space colony. It is nothing more than a personal speculation though. :-)

>Note the high concentration of Gundams stashed in the woods on Earth. We
>have a V Gundam, a V2 Gundam, and a Crossbone Gundam for starters. No
>wonder they're so easy to dig up in Turn A Gundam. ;-)

But they dig up almost everything but classic Gundams so far. Zaku, Kapool,
the nuclear warhead, and a weird space cruiser strangely resembles the
White Ark from VG. Is there any possibility for them to dig the Gundam
from the golden years, I wonder...?

-Sunwook 'not-trashed-yet' Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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