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Chris said:

>>Excuse me, but you're talking about some other person. Duke Dermail has
>>no (blood or adopted) relationship with Relena, and the ADOPTED grandfather
>>you're talking about is actually MARQUIS WERIDGE(see episode #11). So she
>>is NOT the adoptive sister of Dorothy.
>Hey, I was just going with the information I was given... As the
>information I was given was erronious, that screwed up my research!

Whoa, relax friend, nobody's perfect, I know. :-)

Veilchen re-asked:

> So, who's Duke Dermail?

That's the guy you're asked about in the original post. The guy who was
killed by White Fang armada, who was Dorothy's grandfather and Treize's
ward and the leader of Romfeller Foundation. He acted like something evil
for some episodes but later was turned out an absolute fool.

And Relena's adopted grandfather is Marquis Weridge. Does this make the
things clear now? :->

and Veilchen's another question:

> Uh... what did you exactly mean by "it didn't do justice to Haman's
> established personality..."? Why, was Haman all sugar and spice in
> ZZ? I'm kinda intrigued... ^^;

No. Actually Haman herself was featured as very serious character in
ZZ. But the mysterious atmosphere and natural charisma she showed off
in Zeta were somewhat vaporized and they made her look like nothing more
than a stereotyped, unstable and dangerous villain, just like Char in
CCA. (yeah, I don't prefer CCA-version Char myself. :) Of course it is
just my personal opinion. Maybe it is because she lost almost all of her
good rivals (Char, Scirocco, Jamitov, and Camille) in the end of Zeta...

However, if what you want is to see more of Haman, I think you'd better
get the ZZ. In Zeta, Haman made her first appearance in episode #32 (of
50) and remained as a supporting cast till the end. But in ZZ, she played
the big role as the powerful boss of Axis(first Neo Zeon) forces, the
arch-enemy of Judau and the gang. (her actual first appearance in ZZ was
in episode #18 (of 47), but you can see many flashback footages involving
her from the second episode, maybe.) In that sense, I changed my mind and
will go with Tet's opinion. If you haven't seen Zeta, then there is no
problem even if it didn't do justice to Haman's established personality,
I think. If you don't have the fixed image about the Gundam established by
TOS and Zeta, ZZ is very good show to watch. It may be weird sometimes,
but fresh and enjoyable. :)

-Sunwook 'Hail Haman' Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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