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Mark Simmons wrote:

> * The Z Gundam was blown up at the end of ZZ.
> * Most of the ZZ Gundam was destroyed at the end of ZZ (only its chest,
> one arm, and part of the head survive).

How did the Zeta get blown up? And who piloted it with Judo on the ZZ, and Kamiru
in veggie mode?
And how did the ZZ lost it's limbs?

And, what MS did Haman pilot? Never did see Z or ZZ.......

> * One V Gundam and one V2 Gundam survive the final battle with the
> Zanscare Empire and are parked on Earth.

> Note the high concentration of Gundams stashed in the woods on Earth. We
> have a V Gundam, a V2 Gundam, and a Crossbone Gundam for starters. No
> wonder they're so easy to dig up in Turn A Gundam. ;-)
> -- Mark

So, probably Loran will dig up a better gundam if he ever gets sick about the
TURN A... like the V2 Gundam! haha!

hope Syd Mead doesn't trash up the design if it ever comes true!
heaven help us all...

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