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Sat, 13 Nov 1999 19:59:11 +0800

Ah! the legendary Specials Toys Center in Binondo...

Well... I don't know the street... but here's a clue...

note: these are related to locations found only in the Manila, Philippines...

you're on the right track if you see an elementary High School with some take
out store called "AROMA CHICKEN HOUSE"... just go on straight and then you'll
find some store that sells those chinese" 8 lucky treasures" that they put on
the walls... just go on straight... you'll then come up to an alley, a store
with aluminum works... still go straight... then you come to this store that had
posters that have ads about DVDs, VHS, LDs... and in front is some Motel or
something like that... they you'll find a small "Special Toys Center" sign...
that's it.... Also, not sure, but I think the street is called "TETUAN"... the
chinese guy who owns the store is really nice... he'll give ya some advice in

Federico Makabenta wrote:

> SM is a prime location to buy toys. You should see it... Small kids grabbing
> Gundam Gs - casual modelers strolling by getting their first Gundam. You
> could find MG kits available there almost always - and in good stock. I
> wouldn't mind them jacking up the prices there. They add more fans and keep
> up the supplies to keep prices generally low. You should be thankful.
> Other shops also buy from that local distributors. They're trying to compete
> with Special Toys Center and have dropped the prices considerably. I've
> compared some prices like the Nadesico mechas - they cost around P550
> outside of Special Toys Center's P640.
> Also... where is their store in Binondo? I've heard of the place. Can you
> give me the location? I know of a few landmarks there like Smart Pancitiera
> and a couple of others. Should be interesting to check out...

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