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Neil Baumgardner asks,

>Yet another question, if someone will answer. The water speed stats
>listed for the 0080 amphibious MS - the MSM-03C & MSM-07E, is that with
>or without the booster packs?

  The other specs for these mobile suits don't factor in the booster
packs, so I'd assume that the slightly increased water speeds can be
accounted for by their higher thruster output, improved streamlining,
yadda yadda.

>1) How many RGM-79(G) GM Ground Types were built?

  Unknown. The Kojima Battalion has 12 - same as their number of RX-79[G]
Gundams - and there's no record of them being used elsewhere. However,
they're presumably more numerous than the Gundams, and their spare parts
are in good enough supply to be used for field repairs to the Gundams (as
with Karen Joshua's "GM Head" version).

  Pre-production mobile suits of this type are typically produced in
batches of about 20-40 - as with the A type Zaku I (27 units), A type
Gouf (32 units), and YMS-14 Gelgoog (25 units). That's enough to outfit a
few test companies and send 'em into battle.

  In fact, one of the old MSV books claimed that the GM was produced in
two batches - one run of 42 units, and a later one of 288 units (the
latter seems a bit too conservative considering the scale of Operation
Star One) - a claim reprinted in the MG GM kit manual. This first batch
was produced at Jaburo and used to form the first combat teams; the later
batch incorporated test data retrieved from Side 7 and used different
armor materials.

  In light of The 08th MS Team, it's quite plausible that these early
GMs, created with nonstandard armor (i.e. Luna Titanium) and no Gundam
test data, are the pre-production GMs seen in the animation. But if so,
this total of 42 units would include both the RGM-79[G] ground type and
the RGM-79[E] space type seen in the first episode.

>2) Why not more optically-guided missiles?

  Good question. In Z and ZZ, many mobile suits carry missiles with
optical cameras, giving them homing capabilities (which is reflected at
least sometimes in the animation). I'm embarrassed to admit I don't
recall whether we see this homing behaviour in CCA, F91, or V Gundam; if
so, then perhaps the cameras are either miniaturized past the point of
external visibility, or replaced by heat-seeking devices.

>3) Timeframe for F91's R-44?

  After UC 0100, but at least a decade before F91 takes place.

-- Mark

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