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Neil Baumgardner wrote:

> I'm also still waiting for answers to my other questions:
> 1) How many RGM-79(G) GM Ground Types were built?

The RGM-79(G)s were a limited test production version and not the final
mass production version so only a small number was built. (I don't know how
many, probably less than 50 not 100.)

> 2) Why not more optically-guided missiles?

I think when you first asked this question, you were wondering how the
missiles fired from MA and MS were guided, and whether they could be
optically guided. I think most of the missiles fired from MA and MS are
unguided/dumb weapons. The pilots basically aim and shoot, in much the same
way as projectile weapons. The reason I say this is because you often see
the missiles miss completely and once they miss they are never to be seen
again (they never comeback around for another run or lock onto another
target). The fact that Minovsky particles makes radar guided missiles
useless means they must be like you mentioned wire-guided or as you
suggested optically guided.

I think optically guided missiles(as would laser guided missiles) would only
be good against stationary targets as first strike weapons i.e. with plenty
of time before the attack to download navigational info into the guidance
system, and the target would probably have to be in an area with lots of
reference points i.e on Earth. Although if you had the technology to
accurately pinpoint a location in space by the position of the surrounding
stars/objects then the missile would be useful in space as well.

I think the guidance system used in missiles fired from ships are
infra-red(heat seeking) and/or metal seeking, but most of the time I think
they target the missiles by visual acquisition.

> 3) Timeframe for F91's R-44?

F91 was set in UC0123. The R-44 was built more then ten years before F91 so
the time frame is around UC0108-0113.


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