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Neil Baumgardner wrote:

> Winn Sevilla wrote:
> > In relation to the topic "What happened to the gundam pilots" a few months
> > ago... just wanna know a few other things...
> >
> > I know that the RX-78, Nt-1, Gp01-03, Nu Gundam and Superior Gundam were all
> > trashed...
> Actually, the GP03 'survived.' The Orchis MA was pretty well toasted
> (literally), but the last we see of the GP03 is it hanging in space, pretty well
> intact. Of course who knows what happened to it afterwards, when the Federation
> swept everything under the rug.
> > but what happened to the gundams in other series in the UC
> > timeline? What happened in the ending? the V, V2, Z, ZZ, F91 and other
> > gundams? What happened to them in the ending? I didn't actually watched
> > them... never finished the V series... not the ZZ ones too...
> I believe the F91 survived as well. It's future exploits were described in the
> Crossbone Gundam manga AFAIK.

Z survived Z Gundam in one piece and was used in ZZ Gundam. In ZZ Gundam I think
the Z became inoperative inside Axis and was left behind as the Axis was being

I think one of the three MkIIs were destroyed early in Z Gundam, one was dismantled
for spare parts and the other was used by Camille/Quattro/Emily (became 'Super
Gundam' ) and was badly damaged but was recovered and restored for ZZ Gundam (I
think the MkII was also left behind on Axis with Z).

ZZ was badly damaged (minus a few limbs) but still in good enough flying condition
at the end of ZZ Gundam to escape from Axis.

Hyakushiki was severely damaged (minus arms and legs) in Z Gundam but it was
recovered and restored for ZZ ( I think it survived ZZ Gundam).


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