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> > but what happened to the gundams in other series in the UC
> > timeline? What happened in the ending? the V, V2, Z, ZZ,
> F91 and other
> > gundams? What happened to them in the ending? I didn't
> actually watched
> > them... never finished the V series... not the ZZ ones too...
> I believe the F91 survived as well. It's future exploits were
> described in the
> Crossbone Gundam manga AFAIK.

As a matter of fact, SNRI actually made a couple of F91, one of them show up
on towards the end of Crossbone Gundam.

In Crossbone Gundam, X2 and X3 are completely destroyed. X1 survived
somewhat intact.

Zeta and Mk II survived onto the ZZ Gundam. Not sure 'bout ZZ.

Nu Gundam and the Sazabi cockpit burn up in Amuro's final big push of 1/2 of

Ex-S Gundam of Sentinel Gundam burn up re-entering and destroying Zodiac
Mobile Armor.

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