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Winn Sevilla wrote:

> In relation to the topic "What happened to the gundam pilots" a few months
> ago... just wanna know a few other things...
> I know that the RX-78, Nt-1, Gp01-03, Nu Gundam and Superior Gundam were all
> trashed...

Actually, the GP03 'survived.' The Orchis MA was pretty well toasted
(literally), but the last we see of the GP03 is it hanging in space, pretty well
intact. Of course who knows what happened to it afterwards, when the Federation
swept everything under the rug.

> but what happened to the gundams in other series in the UC
> timeline? What happened in the ending? the V, V2, Z, ZZ, F91 and other
> gundams? What happened to them in the ending? I didn't actually watched
> them... never finished the V series... not the ZZ ones too...

I believe the F91 survived as well. It's future exploits were described in the
Crossbone Gundam manga AFAIK.

Neil Baumgardner

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