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Veilchen asks,

> Um... how is Gundarium different from Luna Titanium? I've
>heard that the Gundam X's armor is actually made of Luna Titanium, not
>Gundarium. If that's true, why is it even called a Gundam then? By the way,
>isn't it that Gundarium can only be found in the moon?

  The stuff was originally called Luna Titanium, since it was developed
and refined at the Luna Two asteroid base (not the moon). After the One
Year War, this material and its descendants became known as Gundarium, in
honor of the Gundam. (This was probably due to the Axis developers who
created Gundarium Gamma, who were no doubt impressed by the Gundam itself
and hence weren't likely to call it Guntankium.) Thus, the original Luna
Titanium is also known as Gundarium Alpha.

  In Gundam W, it's the other way around - the miracle alloy Gundanium,
which can only be created in zero gravity, is what the Gundams themselves
are named after.

  In Gundam X, which is basically an alternate version of the original
One Year War, they go back to calling it Luna Titanium.

-- Mark

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