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> >okay, That's a good jump-off point. I know that the Gundarium/Gundanium
> >is what higher end MS's use, as well as Luna Titanium, with lower-end
MS's using
> >steel and all that. it's also known that the NT-1 used a Chobham-type
> >armor system.
> >
> >Did any of these armor types ever consider the effect of beam weapons?
> >tough against kinetic weapons or solid or explosive weaponry, but then we
> >heatblades and beam sabers and beam weapons all over Gundam. Was there
an actual
> >armor type which proved to be effective against these attacks, like armor
> >can withstand heat attacks or beam weapons for a sustained period of time
> >being whittled down? And then there's the problem of armor weight...
> Um... how is Gundarium different from Luna Titanium? I've
> heard that the Gundam X's armor is actually made of Luna Titanium, not
Gundarium. If that's true, why is it even called a Gundam then? By the way,
isn't it that Gundarium
> can only be found in the moon? I'm not sure though...
> -Veilchen
    I thought they were the same thing as well. I was lead to believe that
Luna Titanium/Gundarium is a composite material that is manufactured in
space. It's strength comes from the low gravity environment it was formed
in. Is this right or am I merely delusional?

-Ryan Freeman-

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