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>>> Psycho Frames, and Incom, Alice- Hell MS w/ only psycho frame can kick an
>Eva's skinny little butt. Keep in mind Eva's still lack lot of Technology and
>its weapons are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY behind they got giant handguns which wont even
>>> dent a gundam with beam weapons and stuff and an Eva wont stand a chance
>with a nightingale or Hi nu or something..... I think even Valkeries have
>of a chance, a barrage of missle from a tiny plane would hurt more than
>besides these Gundam Vs. other Threads are getting mighty boring.......
>>> - Roger
>okay, That's a good jump-off point. I know that the Gundarium/Gundanium
>is what higher end MS's use, as well as Luna Titanium, with lower-end MS's
>steel and all that. it's also known that the NT-1 used a Chobham-type
>armor system.
>Did any of these armor types ever consider the effect of beam weapons?
>tough against kinetic weapons or solid or explosive weaponry, but then we
>heatblades and beam sabers and beam weapons all over Gundam. Was there an
>armor type which proved to be effective against these attacks, like armor
>can withstand heat attacks or beam weapons for a sustained period of time
>being whittled down? And then there's the problem of armor weight...
>"Magic is the hand of faith..."
>Richard Ramos

theres always the I-field but I doubt the gp03 and Neue Ziel are able to take
earth use

- Roger


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