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Fri, 12 Nov 1999 05:43:41 -0800 (PST)

> >gee Kaworu, avoid those like the plague...verify
> the box itself if it
> >really is from Bandai. I saw some like the ones
> you described and upon
> >closer examination of the box, I saw that it wasn't
> from Bandai, though
> >at first glance it looked like the original stuff.
> The ones I saw were
> >the 1/144 Endless Waltz knockoffs.
> Are they really that bad?

well...they're P 150 knock offs. the original of the
same goes for P 200 to P 300 -- that's the normal
1/144 g wing and gundam x kits. (or P 500 for the
wing zero)

the original of 1/144 EW kits go for P 500 to P 750.


quality-wise, i wouldn't know. personally, i don't
even spare them a second glance -- seeing as how beat
up the boxes look. i prefer the gen-YOO-wine stuff
(panhandle accent) and preferably shrink wrapped,

do they give you your moulded-plastic's worth of
money? you be da judge of dat.

now, it's your call whether you want to buy a cheap
knock-off when the genuine stuff is *readily*
available. no sermons from me. :P (hell, many of my
clothes are imitations. or hand-me-downs. got little
to spend on clothes since all my money goes to
warhammer and anime stuff.) but...i can understand
the demand for imitations, since philippines is a
third world country and many of g wing fans can be
safely assumed to be the not-so-wealthy kids. they're
poor to begin with, and their being kids further
decreases their spending money. and it's not like
they care about details of design and panel lines and
paint jobs -- they just want a toy of that show they
watch in the afternoons to play with. (ok, i'm

anyway, i prefer to buy genuine gundams at the stores
where i'm a long time (or at least, regular -- i.e.
where the storekeepers at least know my name and face)
customer, if only out of loyalty and patronage.



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