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>> Hmmm... the Gunblaster is not a GM... first off, it doesn't have the traditional
designs of a GM... besides, it was used as a testbed of the V Gundam... so it
doesn't count as a GM... well... although it may be refereed as the GM of the
V Gundam series... and it really looks good. But a pity that Zanscar loves to
aim for their cockpits...kick, shoot and stab...
>As far as I've seen, GunEZs and GunBlasters qualify as GM's. They aren't Gundams,
but they look like Gundams. They have the same weapon types as Gundams, but
less of them. And they are fielded in numbers.

hMMMM. I kinda thought it was a given that they were the GM's of their time...they
certainly looked it. They were basically divided into the different specialties
in my mind.

>> But there's this "JamesGun" on the V Gundam series... it looks like a scaled
down cheapened version of a it's ancestors... looks really bad.
>The JamesGun is a direct decendent of the Hardy Gun.

By the same company, too?

>> And how does that other GM Cannon look alike "shot lancers" work? And what's
the concept of them? They look familiar with the weapons of the CrossBone Vanguard's
>The Javelin is a space modified JamesGun using the same lances used by the
Crossbone Vanguard. A melee weapon that doesn't cause a reactor explosion.

HmmmI would be a bit surprised by that idea...isn't any containment breach of
the reactor a bad thing? I mean these are power it a drill or
a beam weapon wouldn't really matter, would it?
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