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>if anyone has seen it, there's a company that sells bootlegg gundam models.
>The boxes are the same mostly everything else except if u look at the comapny
>name. It is Ben-di but they write it out like bandi

My cheap friend refused to dish out a few more bucks so he bought a Ben Di
brand Eva-00 its not as bad as I thought, first of all most parts would fit
perfectly and if you plan to glue/prime/paint. its doesn't matter anyways, but
there are problems, these bootleg models lose much detail, the panel lines are
nearly gone and the Polycaps are hard plastic, BUT I was surprised to find
that the arms were counterfitted very well, it has the rubber w/ plastic
inside and all the joints and stuff worked but after I saw him complete it, he
couldn't move it! hehe! if he touched the leg the ball/socket joints pop
out!And the rei figure was even harder to counterfeit so rei had a nose like
Elmo from the Sesame Street! If you are cheap go ahead and buy these but for a
few more bucks you could get the real deal so why not buy genuine?

- Roger


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