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Kaworu Nagisa wrote:

> >As others have said Z is considered one of the best in the UC series, but if you are just interested in seeing
> >Hamarn Karn, then go with ZZ. She is the main Zeon character in the story and she appears throughout the
> >series right till the end, whereas in Z Gundam she only appears later in the second half of the series.
> That's what I thought... by the way, how many episodes
> does ZZ have?

47 episodes

> >Also I think you should be interested to know that in ZZ Gundam, You get to see Hamarn in different hairstyles
> >and outfits!!
> .......... wow... O_O;
> >People tend to not like ZZ because in the first half of the series there are a lot of funny
> >moments and it feels 'cartoony' but in the second half of the series the series returns to the serious feel of
> >the 0079 and Z series. But I think that's fine because the main characters were easy going, fun-loving, wise
> >cracking, and laid back until people started getting killed in front of them.
> Okay... but when that happened, was it Haman's turn to
> "laugh"? ^^;

Sorry no. Scenes involving Hamarn were always serious.


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