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> >The Newtype weapons, Minovski Physics, and Psycommu
> >systems wouldn't be the greatest topics for a physics
> >class paper. If you were really grounded in them well
> >and had more time, maybe.
> Actually, there's one place where you can tie Minovsky
> Physics to real
> physics and that's in the workings of the Minovsky-Ionescu
> compact fusion
> reactor. As Mark Simmons has noted on several occasions, the
> Minovsky
> particle is used in a way that corresponds to the muon in the
> muon-catalyzed fusion processes that were theorized in the
> mid-70s. MCF
> didn't pan out as hoped, obviously, but it was the economics, not the
> physics, the kept it for being developed.
> A comparison of the fictional Minovsky reactor with the
> real-world MCF
> reactor could delve into some pretty deep nuclear physics, indeed.

Almost as much fun as trying to theorize how the Shizuma Drive of Giant Robo
would work in real life.

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