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Last night as I watch the second half of 0083 again and with recent viewing
of the beganning of Zeta, I notice something... I have seen the OP for
0080, 0083, Zeta (both), ZZ (first), Victory (both), 08th MS Team.

With the exception of a brief re-entry sequence, Zeta Gundam itself is not
featured in the first Zeta OP. It shows off almost exclusively Gundam Mk
II, which in terms of appearance is not that dramatically different from
Gundam. The second OP features both Gundam Mk II, Super Gundam, and Zeta

In the first ZZ OP I saw, both Zeta and ZZ gundam are featured, and the
seperation feature of ZZ gets lots of showing off.

0083 is the only Gundam in UC era to feature 3 completely different Gundam
in the OP, GP01, GP02, GP03.

First Victory Gundam OP features exclusively Victory, and the second has a
mixture of V2 and Victory Gundam.

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