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Naaah... give in to the dark side... go buy the MS Encyclopedia... it's really
a great buy... has lots of info of MS in there there are weapons, support
units but what is most fascinating in there is the concepts of the MS... like
the Zeta for example.

To the list... Is there an updated encyclopedia for 1999 or 2000 ? I want to
buy it if it ever comes out.

Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> Excellent summary! Thanks! I am tempted to buy them now. But you didn't
> explicitly say how you personally like them. Let's hear it!
> I resisted buying MS Encyclopedia because I don't want to buy some book
> just on weaponry. Most other books also focus on weaponry and technology.
> I likely will buy MS Era, but that (propably) won't go behind the scene.
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