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>>From: Vincent Kwok <hahavincent@yahoo.com>
>>Coriolis Effect (Leaning effect gotten from
>Ok Coriolis was a physicist that basically
>said spinning creates forces. In Gundam it
>affects people in colonies which spin on a
>constant rate of two revolutions per minute.
>here's a web site for Coriolis...

You've got the number of revs reversed. It's one revolution every two
minutes (one-half RPM), not two revolutions every one minute (two RPM).

The greater the radius, the less rotation required to produce the same
effect. Conversely, the shorter the radius, the more rotation you need. A
colony with a rotation of 2 RPM producing 1 gee would only be about half a
kilometer across. A colony 6.4 kilometers across with a rotation of 2 RPM
would produce Jovian acceleration, on the close order of 10 gee.

To get exactly 1 gee with 1 RPM, you need a colony 1.8 kilometers
across. You can see this for yourself in almost every episode of Babylon
5, which is about a mile (1.6 km) in diameter....


See also:


>>LaGrange Points (Gravity areas where colonies
>The places around the Earth and Moon where
>you have free parking, they aren't gravity tow
>away zones... if you put a sattelite there
>it'll be there years from now without much
>adjustment. Also a web page...



>>Hohmann Orbits (Fuel conserving space flight paths)
>Hohmann Transfer Orbits are used in space flight
>from one body to another along the cheapest fuel
>path. The two most famous are the orbit used by
>Apollo astromaughts to get to the moon, and back.
>The other is from Earth to Mars, but they can be
>calculated between any two bodies with roughly
>similar orbits.

Hmmm. I specify the Hohmann "Lazy-S" doubly-tangent minimum-energy
transfer orbit as the basis for my transit time table, but I never actually
illustrate it. I guess I'll have to work up (or swipe) a graphic and find
a way to shoe-horn it in....


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