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Please, arrive any time you can make it. With you, I'm up to 4 people. Please

godfatherK <> on 11/10/99 12:40:56 PM

Please respond to

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Subject: Re: [gundam] Free Gundam Kits and Pizza

>Sorry, I don't mean to spam. But 2 of the 4 people who RSVPd can't come
>tonight to talk about Gundam. If you live in LA, Please come. If you need a
>ride, Please call and we'll arrange something: 323-951-1521.
>Please come.
>6500 Wilshire
>20th floor
>Free parking
>Free food
>Free 1/100th Gundams
>Bandai and JWT people want to hear how we can make some upcoming screenings
>really good. We've got money, we need your help figuring out how to spend

i ask again, just to make sure... sorry

i don't think i'll be able to arrive any time before 8pm... will that be

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