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Chien Ting Chin writes,

>Looks like about 100 pages of story guide (which is not very interesting)
>and about 130 pages of design works (which is vert interesting)? Do these
>books give a glimpse into the artistic process? I really like to see some
>early concept drawings and pencil story boards.

  The recently-released (and quite expensive!) Gundam Archive from
Mediaworks is chock full of design works from the original series.
There's also a new Okawara art book devoted to his Gundam design works.
Otherwise, these tend to be scattered throughout various books, so it
depends which particular series you're looking for. Kodansha's Gundam F91
Perfect File, for instance, has 20 pages of character and mecha design
works, including Yaz's original design for the F91 itself. For V Gundam,
Newtype's 100% Collections have quite a lot of design work. On the other
hand, the only such material I've seen for 0080 and 0083 are the rough MS
designs in the back pages of the MS Encyclopedia.

>What are the Yens prices?

  The Gundam Episode Guide books are Y1500 each. The schedule has slipped
a bit - Kadokawa's Web site lists volume 3 as being due in mid-December.

  FYI, other upcoming books include M.S. ERA 0099 (Y3500, ISBN
4-8402-1233-3, released today - my order is in!), Kodansha's annoyingly
delayed MSV Collection card book, and the new edition of Mediaworks'
Gundam Models Perfect Catalog. Art buffs might be interested in
Kadokawa's collection of Gundam illos from the pages of Newtype magazine
("20 Years of Gundam", Y1800) and Mediaworks' compilation of MS Revival
features from B-CLUB ("The Best Mobile Suit", Y2500, ISBN4-8402-1373-9).

  Here's Mediaworks' teaser page for M.S. ERA 0099 and The Best Mobile Suit:

>I resisted buying MS Encyclopedia because I don't want to buy some book
>just on weaponry. Most other books also focus on weaponry and technology.
>I likely will buy MS Era, but that (propably) won't go behind the scene.

  So you want technology info, eh? Well, Rapport's Gundam Encyclopedia is
a great start - and second only to Gundam Century as a pioneer in
establishing the basic physics and history of the Gundam world. More
recently, Mediaworks' Data Collection series has lots of bite-sized
background essays, and the tech features in the back of Asahiya's Gundam
The Movies film comics go into a lot of the scientific topics in insane

-- Mark

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