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Vincent Kwok writes,

>Guys, as a great fan of Gundam (like all of you are),
>I need your help. I've been assigned to do a physics
>project, and while others chose black holes, etc...
>I've decided to glorify the world of gundam by writing
>a topic on it.

  As others have said already, you can find lots of info on Minovsky
physics, beam weapons, and mobile suit engineering on my site, and lots
of info on space colonies and orbital mechanics at Dafydd's. However...

  Most of the Gundam physics is pretty fantastical. I doubt your
professor would welcome a twenty-page treatise on psycho waves and
Minovsky particles. Of the science that appears in the series, only a few
topics are based on real-world science (most of which dates from '70s
science fashions). But that's still more real science than you'll find in
Star Trek or Star Wars, so maybe some of these subjects will lend
themselves to your paper assignment.

  * Orbital mechanics and Lagrange points
  * Space colonies (still some research going on here)
  * Solar power satellites
  * Fusion power
  * Helium 3 as fusion fuel, where and how it can be obtained
  * Fusion-powered propulsion, including pulse propulsion

  Up until about UC 0070, when all the Minovsky physics stuff starts
entering the picture, everything that happens in the Gundam world is
feasible from a scientific (if not a political!) standpoint. Asteroid
mining, helium 3-powered fusion, space colonies in Earth orbit... even
the workings of the Minovsky fusion reactor, in which Minovsky particles
combine with atomic nuclei to increase their cross-section and make them
more likely to collide, is akin to the muon-catalyzed fusion studied by
real-world physicists.

  Hope that's helpful,

-- Mark

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