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Kaworu Nagisa wrote:

> >> 3) In what way are the Z Gundam and the ZZ Gundam related with regards to the storyline?
> >>
> >
> >ZZ Gundam is the sequel to Z Gundam and thus carries on the story from the end of Z Gundam.
> >Hamarn Karn appears towards the end of Z Gundam and is defeated at the end of ZZ Gundam.
> So, if I'm only interested in Hamaan's story but can afford to watch only one series, which should I see?
> Z or ZZ?

As others have said Z is considered one of the best in the UC series, but if you are just interested in seeing
Hamarn Karn, then go with ZZ. She is the main Zeon character in the story and she appears throughout the
series right till the end, whereas in Z Gundam she only appears later in the second half of the series.

Also I think you should be interested to know that in ZZ Gundam, You get to see Hamarn in different hairstyles
and outfits!! People tend to not like ZZ because in the first half of the series there are a lot of funny
moments and it feels 'cartoony' but in the second half of the series the series returns to the serious feel of
the 0079 and Z series. But I think that's fine because the main characters were easy going, fun-loving, wise
cracking, and laid back until people started getting killed in front of them.


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