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Veilchen asked, and Rodrick & Tomonaga answered:

>>The correct romanization would be 'Karn' but if you follow this form
>>then it would be 'Hamarn Karn' since romanization is just a phonetic
>>reproduction of Japanese characters using the English alphabet. I'm
>>not sure what the 'official' spelling is though. 'Khan' and 'Kaan' is
>pronounced in English as 'Karn' but in Japanese it would be 'Kan' and
> So, any of the romanizations except "Karn" is okay? But
>which is the most widely used and accepted by Gundam fans?

As for Ha-Ma-a-nn Ka-a-nn, Rapport's Zeta Gundam Encyclopedia used
'Haman Karn' (and it is adopted by Softbank's Zeta Gundam [for
PlayStation] Material Book and Asahiya's Zeta Gundam Film Book part 2).

However, I don't think there would be any kind of 'official' spelling,
for several Gundam-related publications tend to INVENT their own
spellings, rather than follow the (if any) guideline. (as you see the
variant of Camille Bidan - Kamiru Vidan - blah blah blah...)

>5) What's the name of the Mobile Fighter Urube used to
>pilot when he was still a Gundam Fighter?

I already made a reply to that question several weeks ago, but it
seems that you haven't read my post. Anyway, the answer is, it has
NO specific name or code number, just referred as 'Urube's Gundam'
or 'Urube's Mobile Fighter' in G-G related books. (actually, it was
simply the recycle design of Shining Gundam's early conceptual sketch.
Hahaha. :) Urube piloted it when he entered the 12th Gundam Fight as
the representitive for Neo Japan, but easily defeated by none other
than Master Asia...

> So, if I'm only interested in Hamaan's story but can afford to
> watch only one series, which should I see? Z or ZZ?

I recommend Zeta. ZZ is not bad if you want something to enjoy, but
it didn't do justice to Haman's established personality... oh well.

>>>6) That guy in GW who got killed while he's on his way to
>>>space... was that Dorothy's father or grandfather? What's
>>>his name?
>>Grandfather. Duke Dermail, the leader of Romefeller Foundation, and uncle
>>to Treize Khushrenada.
> So, this means Dorothy and Treize are related by blood?

Well, certainly Duke Dermail is Dorothy's grandfather, but there is no
mention that he and Treize are related by blood. He was introduced as
just 'the ward of Treize Kushurinada'.

Chris Beilby answered the question above:

>Actually no. He is in fact Relena's ADOPTED grandfather (and resultingly,
>she is the adoptive sister of Dorothy Catalonia and cousin of Treize.)

Excuse me, but you're talking about some other person. Duke Dermail has
no (blood or adopted) relationship with Relena, and the ADOPTED grandfather
you're talking about is actually MARQUIS WERIDGE(see episode #11). So she
is NOT the adoptive sister of Dorothy.

>Relena's real father was King Peacecraft of the Sanc Kingdom. So, yes, she
>is related to a villan, but it's not Treize, but rather Zechs Merquise, who
>is her real life brother Milardo Peacecraft.

You're right about that part, except that Zechs doesn't look like a villain
at all (at least for the first season of the TV series :). I'd rather say
that the real villain of the show would be five fearless funky terrorist
boys from the outer space (at least for the first five episodes :).

-Sunwook 'lurk skylurker' Kim

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