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>From: Vincent Kwok <>

>I've decided to glorify the world of gundam by writing
>a topic on it. I really need all the info you guys can
>give me on the development and physics behind anything
>you can find on mobile suits. Or any homepages which
>can give me info are helpful.
>I'm planning to write a sort of timeline (but about 20
>pages long) for Gundams, including as much physics as
>I can gather. Anything will do - from beam sabers,
>shields, anti gravs, power outputs and fuel,
>materials... NT weapons~! And preferably if you can
>give me a brief history on how/when it was made.
>Also i've been reading through the past info, and i've
>seen this minovsky system thingy, can someone explain
>what it is exactly?

Ok as some other people have already said, you might
check out the High Frontier... the best REAL physics
in Gundam are the space colonies themselves. Things
you'll want to look up are:

Coriolis Effect (Leaning effect gotten from spinning)
LaGrange Points (Gravity areas where colonies reside)
Hohmann Orbits (Fuel conserving space flight paths)

The Newtype weapons, Minovski Physics, and Psycommu
systems wouldn't be the greatest topics for a physics
class paper. If you were really grounded in them well
and had more time, maybe.


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