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> >> Just a few questions:
> >>
> >> 1) What's the advantage of Fin Funnels to regular Funnels?
> >
> >The normal Funnels used by Quebley, Quin Mantha, Jagd Doga, and Sazabi
> >E-Cap based bits. They must return to the mobile suit for recharge once
> >E-Cap is drained. Fin Funnels used by Nu Gundam actually have onboard
> >reactor generator, and doesn't need to go back to Nu Gundam for
> >The Fin Funnels also can form a beam barrier around the Nu Gundam. The
> >barriers is a precursor to the beam shield of later generations.
> I've been thinking... aren't Fin Funnels easier to hit
>that ordinary Funnels since they are longer?

Perhaps, but they're still bloody hard to hit because of their high speed
and manueverability

> >> 6) That guy in GW who got killed while he's on his way to
> >> space... was that Dorothy's father or grandfather? What's
> >> his name?
> >
> >Grandfather. Duke Dermail, the leader of Romefeller Foundation, and
> >to Treize Khushrenada.
> So, this means Dorothy and Treize are related by blood?

Actually no. He is in fact Relena's ADOPTED grandfather (and resultingly,
she is the adoptive sister of Dorothy Catalonia and cousin of Treize.)
Relena's real father was King Peacecraft of the Sanc Kingdom. So, yes, she
is related to a villan, but it's not Treize, but rather Zechs Merquise, who
is her real life brother Milardo Peacecraft.

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