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>> 2) Which is the most correct romanization? Hamaan "Kahn", "Khan", "Karn", or "Kaan"
>The correct romanization would be 'Karn' but if you follow this form then it would be
>'Hamarn Karn' since romanization is just a phonetic reproduction of Japanese characters
>using the English alphabet. I'm not sure what the 'official' spelling is though. 'Khan' and
>'Kaan' is pronounced in English as 'Karn' but in Japanese it would be 'Kan' and 'Ka-An'.

 So, any of the romanizations except "Karn" is okay? But
which is the most widely used and accepted by Gundam fans?

>> 3) In what way are the Z Gundam and the ZZ Gundam related with regards to the storyline?
>ZZ Gundam is the sequel to Z Gundam and thus carries on the story from the end of Z Gundam.
>Hamarn Karn appears towards the end of Z Gundam and is defeated at the end of ZZ Gundam.

 So, if I'm only interested in Hamaan's story but can afford to watch only one series, which should I see?
Z or ZZ?

>> 7) Is Loran Seack of "Turn-A" a he or a she?
>Loran Seack is male. But in the story he is asked to become 'Lora' to show the Moon people
>that even an ordinary Earth girl can pilot the Turn A Gundam.

 So I see... I could only hope that the yaoist GW fans
never ever hears about this. But, is Loran an ordinary
Earth boy pretending to be an ordinary Earth girl? Or
is he rather an experienced ace?


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