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At 07:04 PM 11/9/99 , Vincent Kwok wrote:
>Guys, as a great fan of Gundam (like all of you are),
>I need your help. I've been assigned to do a physics
>project, and while others chose black holes, etc...
>I've decided to glorify the world of gundam by writing
>a topic on it. I really need all the info you guys can
>give me on the development and physics behind anything
>you can find on mobile suits. Or any homepages which
>can give me info are helpful.
>I'm planning to write a sort of timeline (but about 20
>pages long) for Gundams, including as much physics as
>I can gather. Anything will do - from beam sabers,
>shields, anti gravs, power outputs and fuel,
>materials... NT weapons~! And preferably if you can
>give me a brief history on how/when it was made.
>Also i've been reading through the past info, and i've
>seen this minovsky system thingy, can someone explain
>what it is exactly?

Why, contains many many insights on
Minovsky physics. And for a much more reality based analysis of Gundam
science, check out Dafydd Neal Dyar's Mobile Suit Gundam: High Frontier"
@ which
concentrates on
the workings of the space travel and space colony.

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