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>Hello all, I just got back from Neko-Con where I just bought two _very_
>new excellent Gundam books:
> Gundam: Episode Guide
> Vol. 1: The First Part of the One Year War (UC 0079-0080)
> ISBN4-04-853068-2
> Vol. 2: The Second Part of the One Year War (UC 0079-0083)
> ISBN4-040-853069-0
>As near as I can tell, they are both by Newtype (the ISBN numbers seem
>to match as well) and were published 6/26/99 and 9/8/99 respectively.

They're published by Kadokawa Shoten, who also publish Newtype Magazine,
the Newtype 100% Collection series and the Newtype Film Books.

>At any rate, they both provide an excellent resource for the OYW as well
>as 0083 (no I dont know why they threw it in with the OYW).

Because all of the characters, with the exception of Kou and Chuck, had
some experience in the War elicited in reminiscence or flashback. And, of
course, all of the old Zeon mecha still in use by Delaz, Cima, and Bitte.

>Vol. 2
> Preface 2
> History of Universal Century <timeline> 4
> Anti-Gravity's Rainbow <Newtype stuff?> 6

I'll let you know what this is about when I get my copy. The title is a
play on American novelist Thomas Pynchon's 1973 best-seller, GRAVITY'S
RAINBOW, which is noted for its fantastic imagery.

>And no, I didnt just tell you about this to leave you hanging.
>Apparently you can order the books from PlanetAnime (where I bought them
>from, albeit at a perplexingly higher price) for $22.99 and $24.99
>respectively, although I obviously cant promise anything about

I got Volume 1 from Asahiya awhile back and am impatiently waiting to hear
back from them regarding Volumes 2 and 3. Volume 3 covers Neo Zeon and was
published a couple of months ago. Volume 4: New Worlds was due out last
month and Volume 5: New Universal Century is slated for February 2000.


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