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> ??? What are the VSBR styled systems you are referring to? Are you
> talking about the two huge fins on its backpack?
> The 1/100 scale kit is awesome - it can carry most accessories from the
> kits on its hardpoints.

"The beam launcher, or beam bazooka, is another application of this
speed-control technology. This bazooka-like weapon, powered by an ordinary
E-pack rather than by the mobile suit's reactor, fires slow-moving mega
particles for increased damage. It's introduced simultaneously as an optional
weapon for the F90III-Y Cluster Gundam, F91 Gundam and XM-07 Vigna Ghina, and
later becomes a fairly common weapon." - Beam Weapons, Gundam Project.

The beam bazooka that is used in Victory by all League units is the same as
the ones used by the Federation at this time, which is the same as the Beam
launcher introtuced in F91.


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