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> Tomorrow (11/10/99) JWT will host a pizza Gundam discussion at 7PM. We
are on
> the 20th floor. Security will ask you to sign in.
> It seems at least a few people are coming. I appreciate those of you who
> carpooling. Thank you. If you live in LA and don't have a ride, call me:
> 323-951-1521.
> We are located at 6500 Wilshire Blvd. Between La Cienega and Fairfax.
There is
> underground parking that we will validate. It is legal to park on
Wilshire as
> of 7PM. This doesn't help if you plan on showing up early. Otherwise it
> much faster than dealing with the parking staff on your way out.
> So far, the only request has been for peperoni. We'll mix it up with a
> cheese and a mushroom and an "everything" unless I get any other specific
> requests.
> Hope to see you here.
> Sincerely,
> Ben Mack
> For those of you outside of LA, thank you for your comments and
suggestions. I
> have really enjoyed reading them. The main sentiment that I'm hearing is
a fear
> that the programming or commercials are going to "dumb down" Gundam. I
> you, that is nobody's intent. You've probably heard, but Cartoon Network
is not
> allowed to edit Gundam content at all.
    Well I don't have Cartoon Network but I have heard that AnimeVillage.com
will be distributing the Gundam Wing episodes after it begins airing on
Cartoon Network. Is this true? If so do you know whether or not dubs and
subs be offered.

-Ryan Freeman-

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