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Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> Gundam: Episode Guide
> ...
> The second part of each book is dedicated to Design Works, with plenty
> of line art and info. To be honest, I've found more line art and info
> than was contained in MS Encyclopedia or even a dedicated series source
> ...
> Table of Contents...

Looks like about 100 pages of story guide (which is not very interesting)
and about 130 pages of design works (which is vert interesting)? Do these
books give a glimpse into the artistic process? I really like to see some
early concept drawings and pencil story boards. But it's much more common
to find concept drawings from US production (such as Star Wars) than from
Japanese productions.

> from, albeit at a perplexingly higher price) for $22.99 and $24.99

What are the Yens prices?

> Okay, was that enough info for you?

Excellent summary! Thanks! I am tempted to buy them now. But you didn't
explicitly say how you personally like them. Let's hear it!

I resisted buying MS Encyclopedia because I don't want to buy some book
just on weaponry. Most other books also focus on weaponry and technology.
I likely will buy MS Era, but that (propably) won't go behind the scene.

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