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Paul Fields writes,

>Does this change your opinon of the MG GM...

  The MG kit manuals are all packed with cool techie trivia, and most of
it is solidly researched and/or fabricated. Again, the line is overseen
by one of the guys who created the MSV series, so I place a lot of
confidence in the info within. :-)

>I bought one this weekend and am translating the
>manual into English

  Brave man!

>I'm trying
>to get an MG Gundam to compare the Core Block
>to the Cockpit Block...

  The Core Block is just a folded-up Core Fighter. The ingenious thing
about the MG GM is that, rather than just eliminating the core block
entirely and making the GM's torso a solid piece, the designers invented
a substitute block that can be swapped in to replace the Gundam's Core
Fighter. (Since this block also houses some of the GM's cooling systems -
systems which are tacked onto the Gundam's waist - it probably can't be
swapped for a Core Fighter, but it can be replaced with a unit tailored
to the combat environment.)

-- Mark

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