Paul Fields (
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 13:33:06 EST

>From: Mark Simmons <>
> The funny thing is that the MG kit release gave Bandai a perfect
>opportunity to decree that the MSV materials were bogus and that these
>_were_ the original colors of the Black Trinary Zaku I, as seen in the
>video games. But the MG project is being run by the same fans
>(specifically Stream Base's Katsumi Kawaguchi) who wrote the MSV books
>and kit manuals, and they're real sticklers for continuity. ;-)

Does this change your opinon of the MG GM... I
bought one this weekend and am translating the
manual into English, and will be doing my hand
drawn cutaway GM from that info... I'm trying
to get an MG Gundam to compare the Core Block
to the Cockpit Block...


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