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Eddie writes,

>Do you know which ones correspond to which numbers? I haven't checked with
>my Gundam Shop CDs yet.

  Checking my model listings, we have the following...

   9 1/144 MS-06K Zaku Cannon
  10 1/144 MS-07H Gouf Flying Test Type
  11 1/144 MS-06V Zaku Tank
  15 1/144 MS-06E Zaku Recon
  16 1/144 RGC-80 GM Cannon
  17 1/144 MS-06M Marine Hizack [sic]
  22 1/144 RGM-79 GM Sniper Custom

And, as for the Black Trinary's Zaku I...

>As in the regular colors or a special configuration? Or the one depicted
>in ?

  The Black Trinary's blue-green Zaku I was supposed to have a special
color scheme (probably inspired by Stream Base's kitbashed Zakus - see
page 28 of GunPla Generation). The only illustration I've seen of this
color scheme was from a B-CLUB back issue, which I recreated in the
above-mentioned MS Classics illo.

>Probably just adds to the confusion... you no longer know which version
>to go with anymore!

  The funny thing is that the MG kit release gave Bandai a perfect
opportunity to decree that the MSV materials were bogus and that these
_were_ the original colors of the Black Trinary Zaku I, as seen in the
video games. But the MG project is being run by the same fans
(specifically Stream Base's Katsumi Kawaguchi) who wrote the MSV books
and kit manuals, and they're real sticklers for continuity. ;-)

>Yet it still outsold the regular MG Zaku I kit. Amazing.

  I guess this indicates that cool colors outweigh historical importance.
If so, no surprise they're doing an MG kit of the cool-looking GM Quell!

-- Mark

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