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>I have these annoying gap spaces in my gundam Leopard Destroy and
>Airmaster Burst and I wanna get rid of them... like Bandai really
>budgeted the model... the spaces are in the shoulder beam cannon and
>there are these gaps in the Airmaster's rifles... I've heard about using
>putty on these things... but I don't know what brand or type to use...
>Uh, Filipinos in this list, please tell me where and what brand of putty
>I should buy... thanks.
>( I live in manila)
Simple... there are 2 ways you can fix Gaps in plastic models use a modeling
adhesive (or Krazy Glue), of course glue the model together hold the pieces
until they dry, if a gap exists put glue on top of the gap and wait till it
dries then sand it down and no more Gap...

option 2: Putty: same deal here apply putty on top of the glued part w/
crease/gap, wait until dry and sand down.

Of course you will have to prime and paint the part over. I reccomend a tamiya
putty and any type of modeling primer.

I hope this was what you meant.

- Roger


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