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Eddie writes,

>Just so Bandai could reissue some old MSV kits in Zeta boxes to milk fans
>for all their worth. Too bad these kits were never reissued in Zeta boxes,
>even though each took up a specific number in the 1/144 scale release.

  Yep... they were only released as Zeta kits the first time round,
making these editions soooper collectible!

>So the MSN-02 came directly from the MS-06Z, not by way of the MSN-01?

  The line is pretty much MS-06Z -> MSN-01 -> MSN-02. Replacing the Z
type's legs with rockets for the MSN-01 gave the engineers the idea of
making the Zeong's legs optional extras.

>What was the excuse? Didn't they appear in Giren's Ambition and SD G
>Generation as well? I hope they release a Black Tri-Stars version of MG
>Gelgoog too... otherwise I'll paint one up real soon!

  The old MSV books & kit manuals maintained that the Black Trinary
didn't adopt their familiar colors until the Battle of Ruum, when they
piloted C type Zaku IIs. The Zaku I units they used in their training
battalion days were, it was said, painted blue-green.

  However, since the Black Trinary are identified with the Zaku I, some
folks have since depicted them as using this classic mobile suit at Ruum
(in their black-and-purple colors) - as in the G Generation cut scene.
While the Giren's Greed game itself makes the same mistake, the cut scene
animation for the game - which was vetted by the Sunrise staff -
correctly has them using the black-and-purple C type Zaku II. In a
concession to Zaku I fans, however, these are shown as having Zaku I
heads - which could "explain" the confusion.

  See <> and
<> for illustrations...

  So, what's the excuse for the MG kit - a black-and-purple Zaku I? The
manual explains that a few months into the war, the Black Trinary's Zaku
IIs were in the shop, so they pulled their old blue-green Zaku Is out of
storage and _repainted_ them for a week-long stint as piloting
instructors. A week later, the repainted Zaku Is went back in the closet.

  Though I haven't yet inserted it into the MS Classics lineup, I did a
color scheme for the repainted Black Trinary Zaku I. Compare it against
the previous two:


-- Mark

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