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Hello all, I just got back from Neko-Con where I just bought two _very_
new excellent Gundam books:

    Gundam: Episode Guide
        Vol. 1: The First Part of the One Year War (UC 0079-0080)
        Vol. 2: The Second Part of the One Year War (UC 0079-0083)

As near as I can tell, they are both by Newtype (the ISBN numbers seem
to match as well) and were published 6/26/99 and 9/8/99 respectively.

At any rate, they both provide an excellent resource for the OYW as well
as 0083 (no I dont know why they threw it in with the OYW).

The first part of each one provides background information on the
respective series.
The first volume covers ep 1-20 of the original series, as well as the
08th MS Team.
More than just simple episode by episode sysnopses, it gives sections by
topic that happened in a prticular series of episodes, such as Jaburo,
Europe, Side 7, etc. Each page gives color pictures of important
characters, mecha and vehicles, as well as information. They also give
Mobile Suit Pilot List charts, showing who pilots what (albeit including
commanders as pilots of ships).

The second part of each book is dedicated to Design Works, with plenty
of line art and info. To be honest, I've found more line art and info
than was contained in MS Encyclopedia or even a dedicated series source
book like 0083 Rapport Deluxe. This includes not just Mobile Suits, but
also vehicles, ships, characters and weapons.

To get a better picture of what's contained in each one and how large
each section is, here's the table of contents from each book:

Vol 1.
    Preface 2
    History of Universal Century <timeline> 4
    How We Have Emigrated to Outer Space 6
    Circumstances about Humanoid Arms <weapons> 10
    A Study of the ONE YEAR WAR 14
    The Complete Guide to Characters & Mechanisms in GUNDAM 20
    Story Digest
        Ep. 1-10 18
        Ep. 11-20 34
        Ep. 21-30 50
        08MS Team 60
    Mobile Suit Pilot List 49
    Guest Characters & Mechanisms Check List 62
    The Design Works of GUNDAM 65
    The Highlight of GUNDAM 138
    Filmography 150
    Visual & Sound Guide 154
    Index 158

Vol. 2
    Preface 2
    History of Universal Century <timeline> 4
    Anti-Gravity's Rainbow <Newtype stuff?> 6
    The System of Weaponry in the GUNDAM World 12
    The Local Tactics in the GUNDAM World 18
    The Catalogue of Arms 20
    The Complete Guide to Characters & Mechanisms in GUNDAM 38
    Story Digest
        Ep. 31-43 36
        0080 52
        0083 STARDUST MEMORY 62
    Mobile Suit Pilot List 51, 80
    Guest Characters & Mechanisms Check List 78
    The Design Works of GUNDAM 81
    The Highlight of GUNDAM 138
    Filmography 150
    Visual & Sound Guide 154
    Index 158

And no, I didnt just tell you about this to leave you hanging.
Apparently you can order the books from PlanetAnime (where I bought them
from, albeit at a perplexingly higher price) for $22.99 and $24.99
respectively, although I obviously cant promise anything about

Here's the links:;;116;;125

Okay, was that enough info for you?

    Neil Baumgardner

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