Chris Beilby (
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 23:42:35 GMT

>By the way.. what exactly does the J, F, S, FZ prefix standfor? I think F
>stands for Final and S stands for Special, but I have no idea where the
>the J and FZ fit into all of this. Since the J stats is slightly worse than
>the F in 8th, I surmise its an older version of the Zaku, maybe an
>intermediary between the MS-05 and the MS-06F which is the standard. Since
>in 0080, the tech boys went on a German Frenzy (Kampfer, Jager, etc..) the
>FZ may be German for something.

This is similiar to the Letter designations for various models of Aircraft
(The F-15 F for example) They don't mean anything in particular.

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