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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>
> <grin> Well, I don't expect everyone else to waste their brain cells
>thusly. But if you're going to quote specs, you might want to check 'em
>first. ;-)

heh.. I guess my memory has deteriorated.. or rather I havn't tried
refreshing it with respect to MS stats. I'm a far ways from my prime :P

> Judging from the specs in Z and ZZ, it seems unlikely that One Year War
>era mobile suits would have had titanium ceramic composite armor. All the
>vintage mobile suits from these shows - the Galbaldy Beta, GM III,
>Dowadge, Zaku Mariner, Desert Zaku - are armored with either steel or
>plain titanium, in some cases with sections of shiny new Gundarium. The
>GM II has ceramic composite armor, but its description invariably notes
>that its armor materials have been changed from those of the original GM,
>which means that the original version would have been armored with
>anything _but_ titanium ceramic composite!

Even though several source books lists the GM as having titanium ceramic
armor. I find it difficult to believe that their armor is so much better
than their Jion counterpart MS-06F/J which only has High Tension Steel armor
yet, for the most part, the GMs were getting their asses kicked by the

> I don't recall seeing specs listed for the F type from 08th MS Team -
>what book are you referring to?

I believe it was in the Feburary 96 Newtype magazine (or somewhere abouts).
Just checked.. yup that's where it is. MS-06 F 17.5m/55.3t.. unknown
generator power.

> As for the J type - yep, the 08th MS Team specs (56.2 tons dry, 74.5
>tons full, 976 kW power) are pretty familiar. At one point, those were
>the specs for the F type Zaku, but starting with Entertainment Bible 1
>the F type's specs were changed a bit. The FZ type from 0080, and Char's
>S type, also have the same weight and power output as the J type from
>08th MS Team.
> Another set of specs for the J type were listed in Entertainment Bible
>1; these were subsequently used for the F2 type in 0083. There's
>basically just a few sets of Zaku specs that keep getting swapped around
>between the various types. Very confusing!

sometimes I wonder if the tech boys at Bandai knows what the hell they're
doing. :P

By the way.. what exactly does the J, F, S, FZ prefix standfor? I think F
stands for Final and S stands for Special, but I have no idea where the hell
the J and FZ fit into all of this. Since the J stats is slightly worse than
the F in 8th, I surmise its an older version of the Zaku, maybe an
intermediary between the MS-05 and the MS-06F which is the standard. Since
in 0080, the tech boys went on a German Frenzy (Kampfer, Jager, etc..) the
FZ may be German for something.

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