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>Wow Eddie! you know so much! Tell me more!

Actually I don't know jack. ;)

>What was this F90 III Cluster Gundam? Is this a descendant of the original
>F90 ?

It was the SNRI's final entry in the Formula 90 series of Gundams, and as far
as I know it seemed to have been developed for the sole purpose of having a
Core Fighter backpack. The Feds probably saw Anaheim's competing suits from
the SF91 series and asked SNRI "How come your Gundams don't have Core
Fighters like theirs did?"

>And what was this Vigna Zirah ms ? It has the same design concepts of the
>RXF-91 A
>& B! Did the Crossbone Vanguard build it?

The Vigna Zirah is a Crossbone Vanguard commander's suit, the red one belongs
to the leader of Flaming Tiger (see below)

>This was the MS you were referring to
>right? The ones AE encountered?

No, the one encountered by the AE test flight team on Feb 18, U.C. 0123 in
the Zebra Zone, on the dark side of the moon, was actually a variant of the
XM-01. Check out the top half of p26 and 27 of your MS Handbook that came
with the Neo Gundam kit. The flaming red color it sports designates its
being part of the Crossbone Vanguard equivalent of Black Tri-Stars, an elite
MS pilot team whose suits sport their trademark red color scheme. I think
the team was called "Flaming Tiger".

>How about the G Cannon Magna & HardyGun II ? Did SNRI come up with them or
>AE ?
>They're much more advanced features of the ones in F91...

The G Cannon Magna was AE's ripoff of the SNRI-developed F71. I am not sure
about the HardyGun II - where did you see it, and what was its model number?

>And the RX-99... who came up with that? SNRI or AE ? who were the pilots
>of the
>RXF91 A & B, Cluster & Neo Gundam? Did these gundams have biocomputers in

According to the MS Handbook,the Neo Gundam was developed by AE as a
descendant of the RXF-91. The Feds had 2 Neo Gundams and towards the end of
the SF91 manga, the AE test pilot was under Fed custody. In making a getaway
he stolen a Neo Gundam and used its BFG to shoot his way out and getting back
his RXF-91. The final fight involved 2 Neo Gundams and a RXF-91 Gundam. To
say more would be spoiling the plot...

>I got this catalog & story book when I got the Neo Gundam a few years
>ago... and
>there were these cool looking variations of the HardyGun II & the G Cannon
>Magna... anybody ever seen these?

Yeah, that damn booklet was the sole reason the Neo Gundam kit was so


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