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Mon, 08 Nov 1999 08:15:14 GMT

Danny Kim wrote:
> Have you try using Gunze MS color set paints on your models?
> How are they? Can anyone give me some review on it?

Each set contains 3 bottles, 10 ml each. if i remember correctly they
are Mr. Color (oil-based). (which is not good for me, since most of my
paints are Mr. Hobby Color, water-based).

Pretty standard stuff. The primary colors (blue, red etc) are pretty
simple, just open and brush, or dilute a bit and use in airbrush. Should
be more careful with the grays, they are usually a blend and needs to
be stirred very thoroughly before use.

The price is marginally cheaper than getting 3 bottles of paint. If u've
already got similar colors then the minor difference may not be worth
it to buy more bottles. on the other hand, they are semi-gloss, which
looks a lot nicer on MS than the typical glossy Gunze paints.

Bottom line: nothing special.

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